Bringing Order to Disarray

An organized space is easy to use, pleasant to look at, and helps you accomplish what you are looking to do. Conical Closets of the Lehigh Valley, is focused on providing you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you can enter your storage area and find what you are looking for quickly and easily.

We handle everything from identifying and removing excess, to creating viable new storage systems that handle everything you own.

What We Do

Conical Closets is a licensed and insured storage system specialist driven to provide the highest quality custom closets organizers, garage organizers and professional organizing to the Lehigh Valley.

We are focused on your needs, and recognize that no two projects are ever alike. During our time helping families throughout the Lehigh Valley, we have handled everything from custom cabinets to bringing order to chaotic and unusable garages.

Here are some of the reasons why we are considered to be the best of our field:

  • All Size Projects Accepted
  • Free Initial Consultation
  • Fully Customized Computer Design and Proposal
  • Fully Licensed, Insured, and Referenced

  • Locally-Owned and Operated

  • Owner Involvement Throughout
  • Quick Turnaround

Contact us today to schedule your FREE initial consultation. A member of our team will sit down with you and determine the best way of guaranteeing that your project is completed quickly and successfully.

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